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February 25, 2009


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Shannon McElroy

I recently read your comment on the "death in literature" article on msn.com. I saw your link and decided to check it out. I love that you are doing this. I am about to turn 29, probably a baby in your eyes, but I have recently been having a lot of health issues. Nothing that will send me to my grave anytime soon but they have given me enough issues to start thinking about the consequences. You are putting it in persepctive and I wish more people would take responsibility of their own demise in the way that you are. I applaud you!

An Soegijo

Thankyou for sharing your thoughts. Everyone is dying, yet so few are trying to do so consciously. The experiences of another individual help us to sharpen our own awareness, which is constantly tending to slip back into 'freeze', or, as you described it, preferring not to 'experience', for all the reasons we know but can't/won't face. The tragic gap has accompanied me since my youngest years, sitting on my left shoulder like a kind of Edgar Allen Poe-Raven, and alas how little that poor hard-working bird has managed to achieve with me! Difficult to analyse why 'meeting' a fellow-struggler should help, but it definitely does.

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