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November 09, 2008


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Ripley Roland Hodson

Ted, Although I have seen a few "blogs" in recent months, (we are not exactly cutting edge here in Bangladesh) yours if the first I have read from someone who I know personnally which is dealing personal observations and feelings, along side political and other intelectual issues. I am not sure what the protocol is on these matters in terms of comments. But I am glad that you have begun to keep a record of your interactions with your students and their concerns as well as sharing what you are reading and thinking which really is of interest to those of us who know and love you. I guess maybe one day we will all have such blogs but for me you are a pioneer.

I was really taken back when I saw the title you have given you blog but on reflection and after reading some of your observations on procrastionation and dying that in fact this should be the blog title for all of us.

On a really personnal note I don't want to procrastionate in coming to see you and giving you and Bev a hug. With warmest regards.

Is there someway to be sent an email alert when you make a new post? How is that for a newbie question?

Ripley Roland

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